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What Causes Disease?

To understand what causes disease first understand what is disease, or dis-ease.
disease What Causes Disease?
What is Disease?

According to Dr. James Chappell disease is a medical term created by medicine to describe clusters of symptoms. Medical doctors are trained to suppress those symptoms through the prescribing and administering of pharmaceuticals.

However, from a natural cure perspective, symptoms are seen as signs and signals of toxicity and underlying imbalances; expressions of the body’s attempts to restore itself to health. From this perspective, symptoms are viewed as important feedback and warning signals, some of them extremely urgent, that the body has lost its innate harmony and has entered a state of “vibratory chaos”. Dr. Chappell states that “we treat people — not diseases — and we view health as something much more than the temporary suppression of signs and symptoms.”

Causes of Dis-Ease

Most of the time people look for one isolated event that caused their health challenge and one magic pill to cure it. If it isn’t a bug, germ or some other alien invasion, it’s our parents, siblings, relatives, friends or strangers. Somehow we feel we “catch” dis-ease, never accepting responsibility for the conditions that caused it in the first place.

The vast majority of us have acquired our illnesses through our lifestyle, poor diet, lack of exercise and the way we think, or more often, the way we don’t. With this understanding, Dr. James Chappell has identified the seven most common denominators found in all dis-eases, which he calls The HONSTEC Syndrome.

The H.O.N.S.T.E.C. Syndrome

  • H – Hydration – not enough pure water
  • O – Oxygen – not enough oxygen in the blood and cells
  • N – Nutritional imbalances, deficiencies and excesses
  • S – Structural/Neurological/Spinal aberrations
  • T – Toxic waste accumulations
  • E – Emotional or Energetic blocks
  • C – Creative Consciousness – our overview of the natural order

Any one of the HONSTEC components can lead to an adverse health condition. All components of HONSTEC can directly or indirectly lead to malnutrition, subtle dehydration, toxemia, tissue hypoxia (not enough oxygen), cellular fermentation and subsequent immune disorders. If the body can’t absorb sufficient nutrients from our food, liquids from our water and oxygen from the air, it will quickly become malnourished, dehydrated and hypoxic.

In addition, toxic waste accumulations impair the body’s natural ability to continuously detoxify itself properly. Without proper nutritional absorption, all the hormonal, biochemical, musculo-skeletal and neurological systems are thrown out of balance and consistent good health becomes problematic. This is really the source of “vibratory chaos”, or dis-ease.

From a natural cure perspective, it is this HONSTEC pathway of vibratory chaos that leads to all kinds of health challenges. So the fundamental way to improve vitality and well-being is by reversing the HONSTEC Syndrome.

The path to healing and resolution of disease is through the process of addressing all of the steps within the H.O.N.S.T.E.C. Syndrome.

What causes disease – first step

So what is the first step after you have understood what causes disease? Luckily, Dr. Chappell has outlined a step-by-step guide to help anyone who desires to go through the process of healing. I am currently following a protocol outlined by Dr. Chappell for a neurological condition, to view my current protocol click here.