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Healthy Snoring Remedies for a Good Night’s Rest

snoring Healthy Snoring Remedies for a Good Nights Rest

Natural snoring remedies help provide better rest for the individual doing the snoring, as well as others who frequently find their rest interrupted due to this annoying sound. While most people snore at one time or another, some snore on a nightly basis. People suffering with this condition should know that, while medical intervention is available, home remedies for snoring work best and are not accompanied by unwelcome side effects. Before discussing home remedies and natural cures for snoring, however, it is best to gain a fundamental understanding of what snoring is, what causes it and how to recognize when its symptoms have become chronic.

Snoring Definition

Snoring is a sound that is caused by the vibration of particles that form sound waves. More specifically, this sound occurs when the tissue in the throat or nose vibrates as air passes through those areas. These vibrations cause airborne particles to form sound waves and, thus, the snoring sound is produced.

Snoring Causes

When a person is asleep, the back of the tongue relaxes considerably; also, the back of the throat and/or the nasal passages narrow. So, while the same amount of air flows through these regions as during the waking hours, the air is now forced to flow through much smaller openings, which cause a vibration of the surrounding tissue, including the tonsils and the uvula.

It is estimated that as many as 45% of men regularly snore while only 30% of women do. This condition is not necessarily particular to any defined body type, as people of any size and stature can be prone to this condition. However, it should be noted that age, heredity, preexisting breathing conditions and the use of some prescription medications can also cause episodes of snoring.

Snoring Symptoms

The symptoms of snoring are fairly obvious. When a person snores, an audible sound emanates from their airways. In most cases, this problem isn’t enough to disturb the person doing the snoring, but there are times when snoring can cause the necessary levels of oxygen normally present in a person’s blood stream blood to drop. This level of disturbance can lead to more arousals from sleep, which can cause a serious sleep disorder for which natural cures and snoring remedies are often sought.

Snoring Remedies

All natural cures and home remedies require key lifestyle adjustments, and those looking to cure snoring should begin here. The following is a short list of suggestions:

  • Stop Smoking – One of the best snoring remedies involves smoking cessation. Besides a list of other diseases and conditions it causes, cigarette smoking can increase the amount of mucus in the throat and can contribute to nasal congestion. Both of these conditions may lead to snoring.
  • Lose Weight – Many people who are overweight also struggle with snoring. By changing one’s diet, using portion control and practicing daily exercise habits, not only will weight be lost naturally, but also restful sleep can be restored with the elimination of snoring.
  • Stop Using Alcohol – Those serious about natural cures to help stop snoring, should immediately avoid using alcohol. Along with other health related and social problems, alcohol causes the muscles and soft tissue within the throat to relax, which contributes to incidents of snoring.

Because snoring most often occurs when a person is sleeping on their back, sufferers are also advised to sleep on their sides in order to cure snoring.

Those who once suffered with this disturbing condition also report success with the following herbal snoring remedies:

  • Taking a small sip of olive oil before bedtime
  • Gargling with boiled sage before bedtime
  • Using marjoram oil as an aromatherapy treatment at bedtime

For many, this can be a frustrating condition, which not only robs the sufferer of restorative sleep, but often awakens others within hearing range. The snoring remedies offered above come highly recommended, as others who prefer natural cures to medical intervention have successfully used them. With a decent understanding of what causes it, as well as healthy lifestyle changes, snoring remedies can not only be eliminated, but the quality of one’s life may improve exponentially.

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