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Pomegranate Nutrition Benefits

pomegranate Pomegranate Nutrition Benefits
For those who enjoy the tiny, sweet and tangy seeds of a pomegranate, nutrition offered by the fruit is not always known or even considered. Recent studies, however, have indicated that it has very strong anti-cancer properties, as well as other uses in natural cures and home remedies. Its valuable health and nutrition benefits make this fruit not only a tasty treat, but also one to be celebrated for the vitamins and minerals it contains, which support good health and immunity.

Pomegranate Nutritional Benefits

Contained within each pomegranate seed are the following nutritional elements:

Pomegranate Health Benefits

In July 2005, the Journal of Urology published findings that juice from the pomegranate may be useful in combating erectile dysfunction. An article published in the American Journal of the College of Cardiology in September of that same year cited that pomegranate juice consumed at the rate of eight ounces per day actually increased the oxygen levels reaching the heart muscles of people afflicted with coronary heart disease.

Other key health benefits attributed to the pomegranate indicate that it:

  • Fights prostate cancer
  • May help prevent breast cancer
  • Is useful in treating arthritis
  • Helps eliminate parasites
  • Is useful in treating stomach ulcers
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Provides natural sunscreen protection
  • Helps heal dysentery

Pomegranate Precaution

Although the pomegranate is often referred to as a superfruit, due to its incredible healing properties, rich source of vitamins and its overall nutritional benefits, there are certain precautions to note with its excessive use or with the regular use of pomegranate extracts and supplements. A few of these precautions are as follows:

  • Because pomegranates are known to lower blood pressure, those with lower than normal blood pressure rates are discouraged from consuming large amounts of its seeds
  • Pomegranate supplements may interfere with medications prescribed for high blood pressure

  • Pomegranates can inhibit certain enzymes used by the liver to break down synthetic medications. Therefore, anyone currently taking prescription drugs is advised to consult with their healthcare provider before seeking the benefits of pomegranate nutrition
    Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to seek the advise of a health professional before using pomegranate extracts or other supplements

Despite these precautions, a normal amount of actual pomegranate fruit consumption is considered to be safe for children and adults.

It is past time for food to be enjoyed merely because of how it tastes. Vegetables and fruits also contain healing properties and immune support that humans cannot afford to ignore. While immensely satisfying as a fruit snack, pomegranate nutrition also offers much of the daily requirements of minerals and vitamins each body needs for optimal performance.