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Home Remedies for Sexual Impotence

sexualimpotence Home Remedies for Sexual Impotence
Home remedies for sexual impotence are useful in restoring sexual vitality and in preventing the emotional turmoil that this condition causes. Natural remedies for sexual impotence have been used successfully for years as they are effective in reversing its symptoms and can help people achieve greater satisfaction in their intimate relationships. Understanding what sexual impotence is, what causes it and identifying its symptoms helps in gaining better knowledge about home remedies for sexual impotence.

Definition of Sexual Impotence

Sexual impotence is the term used to describe male sexual dysfunction.

Causes of Sexual Impotence

Causes of Sexual Impotence:

Symptoms of Sexual Impotence

The primary symptom of sexual impotence is an inability to achieve an erection. However, other symptoms commonly follow this, such as:

  • Nervousness or anxiety during future sexual encounters
  • Changes in mood
  • Loss of interest in sex

Home Remedies for Sexual Impotence

Although there are very popular prescription medications to treat this condition, they are often accompanied with risky side effects. For those who opt for a healthy lifestyle and wish to avoid chemical drugs, natural cures and home remedies are best. Natural remedies for sexual impotence are completely safe, do not carry the risk of side effects, have been effectively used for decades and can radically reverse the symptoms of this common male condition.

A few of the most effective home remedies for sexual impotence include:

  • Chewing a few cloves of raw garlic daily as a natural aphrodisiac. While this may not be the most stimulating scent to a partner, garlic does renew sexual vitality in men.
  • Black raisins boiled in milk and then rinsed can be consumed, as can the milk they were boiled in, to help restore vitality.
  • White onions are very effective in increasing a male’s libido.
  • A combination of dried dates, quince seeds, pistachios and almonds can be grounded and mixed as a daily food to help increase the male sex drive.
  • Ladyfingers ground with mishri and consumed in milk is among the oldest home remedies for sexual impotence.
  • Carrots dipped in honey and eaten with a half-boiled egg daily for up to two months also helps increase the male sex drive.
  • Ginger juice substituted for carrots (above) achieves the same results.
  • Among the best herbal remedies for sexual impotence is drumstick flowers boiled in milk with a little honey to sweeten the taste. This herbal concoction is also useful in combating female and male sterility.
  • Boiling asparagus roots in milk and consuming the concoction twice-daily aids in reversing sexual impotence and in preventing premature male ejaculation.

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Sex is a natural occurrence in a loving, intimate relationship. However, when sexual impotence interrupts a person’s performance it can cause a person stress, anxiety, insecurity and even depression. Home remedies for sexual impotence have been used by millions to reverse its symptoms and have been useful in restoring individual male vitality throughout the world.

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Home remedies for sexual impotence have survived for years and continue to be used because they work. There is no safer way to treat this condition than to do so naturally.