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Home Remedies for Razor Burns

Instead of searching for home remedies for razor burns after they appear, it is better to be prepared for them ahead of time and to know how to treat them naturally. While razor burns can be unsightly and can be very irritating to the skin, they are not a serious illness. Avoiding them is, of course, the best home remedy for razor burns and knowing what they are and what causes them helps in this effort. Knowing the symptoms of razor burns is also helpful in recognizing them early so that they can be treated right away.

Definition of Razor Burns

A razor burn is a burning skin irritation after shaving.

Causes of Razor Burns

One or more of the following conditions causes razor burns:

  • Improper shaving with a razor
  • Insufficient lubrication when shaving
  • Dry skin caused by excessive use of cologne and after shave
  • Shaving in a direction opposite of that in which hair is growing

Symptoms of Razor Burns

The painful symptoms of razor burn include:

Home Remedies for Razor Burns

Natural remedies for razor burns are helpful since burns can be very difficult to cure once they occur. This is primarily because people continue to shave over them as hair grows again. Among the most effective home remedies for razor burns are:razorburn Home Remedies for Razor Burns

  • Take a break from shaving while injured skin is allowed to heal naturally
  • Increase vitamin C intake in foods and/or supplements
  • Rub a peeled potato over affected skin for soothing relief
  • Treat skin with crushed strawberries, which act as an antiseptic and prevents infection
  • Use organic apple cider vinegar as an antiseptic to treat injured skin and to prevent bacterial infection
  • Use Aloe Vera gel on injured skin

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Of course, the best home remedy for razor burns is to prevent them from occurring. This can be accomplished by using the following tips:

  • Never pull skin to make it taut while shaving
  • Always shave in the direction that hair grows
  • Moisturize skin after shaving
  • Use shaving cream or gel instead of soap
  • Consider using an electric razor
  • Do not use a disposable razor more than three times (blades become dull, which can contribute to razor burns)
  • If razor burns occur in the underarm area, consider shaving at night and avoid putting deodorant on immediately following

Home remedies for razor burns can bring immediate and soothing relief. Because they can often be unsightly, irritating and painful, using home remedies for razor burns is also the best way to limit the amount of time they are present. It is always best to prevent razor burns whenever possible and to allow skin to heal without shaving over it once a razor burn is present. However, if one does occur, natural remedies for razor burns are the best and fastest way to obtain relief.