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Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Although heat rash is a very uncomfortable condition, it is also quite common. The best way to avoid a rash is to avoid the conditions and situations that cause it. However, when symptoms do occur, it is best to know ahead of time how to treat one using home remedies and natural cures that can bring fast, effective relief.

To further explore home remedies for heat rash, it is important to gain a basic understanding of what it is, what causes it, and what symptoms are useful in distinguishing it from other skin rashes.

heatrash Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Heat Rash Definition

Heat rash, also referred to as prickly heat, is a skin rash that is common in babies or others that live in humid, hot climates.

Heat Rash Causes

When sweat ducts are obstructed or inflamed, heat rash occurs. A baby or adult who is overdressed in warm weather will often develop a heat rash, although even those who are appropriately dressed for warm climates can also exhibit heat rash symptoms.

Although improper clothing and warm weather are among the most common causes, other causes do exist, such as:

  • Medications (particularly acne medications)
  • Sleeping under electric blankets
  • Bacteria on the skin
  • Underdeveloped sweat ducts
  • Prolonged stays in bed (due to illness)
  • Intense physical activity

Heat Rash Symptoms

Heat rash is usually identifiable by a red or pink rash that covers parts of the body that are normally covered by clothing or a diaper. Because the skin often becomes very itchy when a symptoms are present, a skin infection can occur if it is not properly treated or monitored.

Heat Rash Remedies

Natural cures for heat rash are the most effective way of achieving immediate relief from its uncomfortable symptoms. Parents of children who live in warm climates should be particularly aware of home remedies for heat rash as it they offer the fastest and simplest forms of relief to children when parents are prepared to treat this common condition.

A few of the best natural cures and home remedies include:

  • Apply cornstarch, powdered calendula, and chamomile directly to the irritation for instant, soothing relief (this is one of the best herbal remedies for heat rash)
  • Allow skin to air dry after showering or bathing
  • Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing
  • Avoid creams and ointments (which further block pores)
  • Add a few spoonfuls of baking soda to warm bathwater to expedite the healing of a heat rash
  • Cool chamomile tea can also be applied to skin
  • Rub a cool cucumber or ice to immediately cool the skin
  • Apply Aloe Vera gel to rash to cool it and help skin heal faster

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Never use regular soap when symptoms are present, but instead wash with very mild soaps whenever possible.

Heat rash is quite uncomfortable, which is why avoiding it by wearing weather appropriate clothing and avoiding other conditions, which cause its symptoms, is important. Natural cures and home remedies for heat rash are safe, effective, and, perhaps best of all, do not offer harmful side effects. Most home remedies for heat rash can be stored in the refrigerator or on kitchen shelves ahead of time so that, particularly during warm weather, they can be administered for instant relief if ever needed.