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Healing Disease Naturally

quote2 Healing Disease Naturally The treatments themselves
do not cure the condition, they
simply restore the body’s
self-healing ability.
quote1 Healing Disease Naturally


Walking from Disease to Health

Disease is always a symptom of an unhealthy, out-of-balance body. It takes a holistic protocol of various remedies and therapies to restore health to a sick body.

So, how do we return to health?

Healing begins when all issues outlined in Dr. James Chappell’s HONSTEC Syndrome are addressed:

  • H – Hydration – not enough pure water
  • O – Oxygen – not enough oxygen in the blood and cells
  • N – Nutritional imbalances, deficiencies and excesses
  • S – Structural/Neurological/Spinal aberrations
  • T – Toxic waste accumulations
  • E – Emotional or Energetic blocks
  • C – Creative Consciousness – our overview of the natural order

    Applying his 37 years of knowledge and experience, Dr. Chappell has created one of the most comprehensive and intuitively on target natural cure protocols available. His level of knowledge, passion and compassion are represented in every step of his step-by-step natural cure plan.

    quote2 Healing Disease Naturally One needs a natural cure plan
    that puts all the pieces together, in the correct sequence – a blueprint for transformation.
    quote1 Healing Disease Naturally

    Dr. James Chappell’s Plan

    Step 1: Open the Organs of Elimination

    Step 2: Depolarize the Blood and Lymph

    Step 3: Detoxify the Cells

    Step 4: Modulate the Immune System

    The sequence of steps in Dr. Chappell’s plan are essential to the healing process. If you were to start detoxifying, for instance, before you depolarized the blood and lymph and opened the elimination channels, the toxins you released would have no easy way to get out of your body and you would likely wind up feeling a lot worse than when you started.

    quote2 Healing Disease Naturally Haphazard approaches to natural healing have very mixed results.quote1 Healing Disease Naturally

    We heal ourselves when we…

    • eliminate the toxins, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens that make us sick
    • improve our immune system so our natural defences can take better care of us
    • free our life force so it can restore balance and health in our body

    The steps involved in Dr. Chappell’s natural cure plan help you create an alkaline environment that promotes healthy cells, increases the amount of life-giving oxygen in your body and boosts Your Natural Healing Power.

    This is the way to…..

    • Regain Your Vitality
    • Improve Your Quality of Life
    • Restore Your Wellness
    • Boost Your Body’s Healing Power