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Most commonly referred to as oats, green oats or wild oats, the proteins, vitamins and flavones in avena are celebrated as a treatment for a vast array of internal illnesses and skin ailments. Throughout history avena has been useful in the treatment of insomnia, nervousness and anxiety. But the effectiveness of avena does not end with these dysfunctions, as it has often been used in natural cures and home remedies to treat other ailments and support good general health overall.

avena Avena

Scientific Name

Avena sativa


Avena is an annual plant that is grown all over the world and harvested in the fall for use as a food supply and herbal supplement. Those that are commercially cultivated originated with a wild species. Oats that are used as supplements are harvested just before they reach their flowering stage and are dried for commercial sales. Avena’s flavor as commercially produced oats comes from the roasting process they endure after harvesting and cleansing. Even though the hull is also removed in the process, as oat cereal, avena retains both nutrients and fiber from the bran and germ it contains.

Typical Preparations

Most everyone has been served a bowl of oats for a morning breakfast, but avena can also be prepared as an infusion, a tincture or a bath. The latter being popular as a soothing remedy for skin irritations, as well as for mental relaxation. The liquid from avena boiled in water can be added to a bath or cooked oats can be placed in a cloth bag and immersed in bath water.

Common Uses

Avena stimulates and boosts the endocrine system and is a very good support of general good health.

Avena is commonly used for the following issues:

Avena is also useful in improving one’s sex life as it soothes the nerves and, as a tincture, is used for treatment of sexual neurasthenia.

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People with celiac disease should be cautious about consuming oats. Otherwise, avena does not represent any serious side effects and no further precautions are needed.

As perhaps one of the easiest herbal remedies to consume daily as sustaining breakfast food, avena can also be used in other recipes for other meals throughout the day. Rich in selenium and manganese, avena is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin B1 and phosphorus.