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Natural Alcoholism Cure

A natural alcoholism cure exists, but requires an intense mental and physical effort aimed at conquering the disease. To fully understand why this is required, it is best to begin this discussion with a clear understanding of what alcoholism is and how it affects the life of the alcoholic.

alcoholism Natural Alcoholism Cure

Alcoholism Definition

Alcoholism is characterized by an intense craving for alcoholic beverages or a physical dependence on alcohol. A person who cannot control their drinking habits or who requires increased amounts of alcohol in order to experience its effects is considered an alcoholic.

Alcoholism Causes

The exact cause of alcoholism is unknown. While it can run in families, excessive drinking habits are mostly due to life and environmental situations. A person with a family history of alcoholism is not automatically predisposed to developing alcoholism. Conversely, a person who does develop alcoholism doesn’t always have family members afflicted with the disease.

Barriers to a cure:

Because it is a physical addiction, many people fear withdrawal symptoms associated with breaking the habit of long-term alcohol addiction. These symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

Because these symptoms can be so severe, many people avoid an alcoholism cure out of fear of withdrawal.

However, when a person is ready to commit to the process, alcoholism and withdrawal symptoms can be effectively overcome.

Alcoholism Symptoms

Symptoms and ailments that are triggered by alcoholism include:

Alcoholism Cure – Alcoholism Remedies

Remedies for a natural alcoholism cure include:

  • An all fruit diet in the initial phase followed by a very light, but nourishing diet
  • Hot baths accompanied by brisk rubbing and cold towel massages help in waste elimination, which is important to restoring the body’s natural function and balance
  • Laxative herbs such as golden seal, hyssop, psyllium, senna leaf pod and Oregon grape root should also be given to aid with the cleansing process
  • It is advisable that the alcoholic also engage in a liver cleansing regimen to get rid of the toxins that have been stored there
  • Quassia chips steeped in water and swallowed every couple of hours helps destroy the taste for alcohol

Herbal Remedies for a natural alcoholism cure include combining one lovage root with two laurel leaves in approximately eight ounces of vodka. Allow the mixture to set in a dark storage for 14 days before allowing the alcoholic to drink it. Administering this mixture between one and three times is an effective alcoholism treatment.

Wild Thyme extract mixed with alcohol also causes severe nausea and induces vomiting.

Other herbs useful in alcoholism treatment are:

  • American valerian combined with lobelia or skullcap
  • Magnolia bark
  • Kudzu

To assist with the mental strengthening needed for an alcoholism cure to be successful, alcoholics should enroll in regular counseling sessions and participate in group therapy for alcoholism. Those closest to an alcoholic undergoing treatment are also advised to participate in counseling specially designed for friends and family members of an alcoholic.