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About Us at Home Remedies and Natural Cures

Personally it was a tremendous journey of wanting to learn what it takes to live healthy in this world where it is far too easy to live unhealthy. We seem to have come full circle – where processed food was once prized as an urban treasure and a delicacy of the wealthy, we are now returning to our roots. Calling something ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ somehow imbues that item with a premium – when that should long have been the case that what is natural is more common.

Comfort food such as french fries and deep fried food are everywhere. Most people ascribe to the notion of ‘work hard, play hard’ – for them, playing hard means not worrying about their health and doing or eating whatever they want. The result is increased alcoholism, strained relationships, weight gain, and a host of other negative consequences.

I think about questions such as: anything that I can do to increase my life span and my health span? The answers have taken me to many places – including a great book that talks about exactly that issue, and conducted an extensive study on communities around the world that seem to have unusually high life expectancy. ‘Healthy at 100’ answered many of my questions and more. My main takeaways were: create or live in an environment where the elderly are respected; eat organic, healthy food; exercise regularly and often; do breath work whenever I can. Naturally, I am also quite focused on being eco-friendly and preserving the beautiful earth.

Home remedies and natural cures is an attempt to put the world’s knowledge about healthy living, home remedies and natural cures in one place. Often, there are natural home remedies that can take the place of pills and other artificial medicine. Your body came from nature – and if it is indeed in a state of dis-ease, nature will also provide the cure.

Wishing you vitality, wisdom and happiness on your journey to excellent health.