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17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Here are the 17 best natural remedies for allergy relief I have come across.

These days, most people have seen the significance of going all-natural when it comes to treating certain medical conditions. More and more products have been introduced to the market as natural remedies which have no side effects, and are healthy and safe. People with allergies may resort to drugs but the presence of side effects and the negative take on the body are leaving them to doubt its effectiveness and safety. Try the following natural remedies first.

If you are changing your lifestyle and switching to natural remedies for allergy relief then you are in for a treat. Here is a list of all known and effective natural treatments and preventions that you could use to combat allergies.


 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

This is a natural and safe substitute to antihistamine. This shrub usually grows in some Europe and Asia. Though this shrub is hard to find in the United States, many are still trying to get this herb, even if it is available in abroad, because of its effectiveness. It is believed that the butterbur, which is scientifically known as Petasites hybridus, has the same effect with some allergy drugs since it blocks the chemicals that could result in allergies.

Butterbur Extracts are the most convenient way to consume butterbur.


Quercetin Natural Plant Extract 300x200 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Quercetin is found in fruits like apple with the skin on, vegetables, wine and black tea. This antioxidant is an effective blockage of histamine which is the leading cause of sneezing, itching, nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms. A dosage of 1000 to 2000 milligrams a day (you can try Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain) is recommended to fight allergies.

HEPA Filter Air Purifier

AirPurifierAllergyRelief 300x300 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief
Many people who suffer severe allergies have resorted to air purifiers with HEPA filters. Air purifiers are know to be very efficient when it comes to cleaning and purifying the air from particulates and allergens. Air purifiers with HEPA filters trap minute allergens as small as 0.01 microns including dusts, pollen and pet dander.

Stinging Nettle

StingingNettle 300x244 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

This is an herbal remedy derived from the bushes of Urtica dioica. This herb contains carotene, quercetin and vitamin K. Stinging nettle prevents symptoms of allergies like itching, sneezing and nasal congestion. Stinging nettle is also especially good for men – it promotes prostate health and soothes the urinary tract. Stinging Nettle Root Extract is a good source I usually use.

Neti Pots

Neti Pot Allergy Relief 300x300 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

This is one of the natural remedies for allergy relief that has been used thousands of years ago. Neti pots look like Alladin’s lamp which contains non-iodized table salt and lukewarm water. You wash your nose by putting nesti pot’s spout to your nostril and drain the mixture to the other nostril. You must do this again with your other nostril. This cleanses your nose and flushes allergens like pollens and mucus in it. My son uses the Ayurvedic JalNeti Neti Pot and loves it.

Tinospora cordifolia

tinospora 300x225 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

This is an herbal tablet which originated in India. The major effect of this natural cure is it lessens allergy symptoms like sneezing, itching and nasal congestion. Studies have concluded that this tablet is safe and effective to use.

Peppermint Tea

PeppermintTea 300x225 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

One of the most effective natural remedies for allergy relief is peppermint tea. It has essential oils that work as a decongestant. It also helps in reducing inflammation and has antibacterial substances. You could even inhale the steam from it.


 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

If you love Japanese food then you have to know that wasabi is a natural remedy for allergies. Wasabi comes from the horseradish family. It contains allyl isothiocyanate allows mucus to flow.

Saline Solution

Without using neti pots, you could come up with your own saline solution by mixing a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of baking soda to a warm and distilled water. There are also saline solution available in drugstores. This is also known as nasal irrigation.


Acupuncture 285x300 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Acupuncture is a natural remedy for various conditions and illnesses that originated in China. There is a study that showed the effectiveness of acupuncture especially, when paired with Chinese herbal tea. It relieves allergies and reduces symptoms.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Salmon Allergy Relief 300x225 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Omega-3 fatty acids has become one of the most effective natural remedies for allergy relief because of a study that was done in Germany. Before there were no strong evidence linking omega-3 fatty acids to allergies. However, that study showed that people with high content of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet has lower risk of having hay fever. Omega-3 fatty acids are usually found in seafood and some plants like kiwifruit seed oil and perilla. Instead of salmon, you can also try Dr Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills.

Phleum pratense

Another addition to the list of natural remedies for allergy relief, Pheum pratense is a pollen extract that minimizes allergy symptoms like eye irritation and even asthma. Using this natural remedy helps in decreasing the dosage of allergy medication.


Pineapple 300x225 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Bromelain is not commonly used as a natural remedy for allergy relief. This is an extract from stems of pineapples which is believed to prevent anti-inflammatory. This also helps in reducing mucus and nasal swelling. This becomes more effective when added to allergy medications.

My favorite source of Bromelain: Now Foods Bromelain


 17 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

This is a type of plant pigment like beta carotene. Carotenoids are often found in apricots, carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, spinach, kale, pumpkin and collard greens. Though there is no scientific explanation on how carotenoids work but it is found out that the lack of it in your diet results to airways inflammation. Jarrow Formulas CarotenAll is a good source of carotenoid for those who are busy.


Steaming your face clears your nasal passages. It also soothes your sinusitis and congested nose. To do this, boil water and place it in a bowl. Lean over bowl, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. You could also use the water for another way of allergy relief. When the water is warm enough to handle, saturate a washcloth and hold it below your eyes, above your eyebrows and sides of your nose.

Regularly wash your pets

Pets bring allergens into your home because of their fur. The best way to get rid of allergens and pet dander is to wash your pets regularly. The allergens and odors they brought into your home could easily be eradicated with water.

Avoid allergy-causing food and objects

There are many natural remedies for allergy relief but the most effective of all is to totally avoid those food and objects that trigger your allergy. If you are allergic to shrimps or crabs then do not consume them. If pets make you sneeze all the time then stay away from them. Your allergy if not treated well or you do not minimize your exposure to allergy-causing factor may get severe.

Have you come across natural remedies for allergy relief you would like to recommend? Please leave us a comment.